The 50 Most Exotic and Beautiful Beaches Around the World

For your 2020 bucket list.

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It's the dead of winter, and you probably don't have a beach holiday planned for a while. To help get you through the cold months, I rounded up a collection of the most dazzling beaches around the world. Get out your bucket list and a pen, and prepare yourself some intense vacation inspiration. No matter what your 2020 goals are, one should definitely be to visit at least one of these jaw-dropping beaches.

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Navagio Beach

Also known as Shipwreck Beach, you can find this gorgeous cove in Zakynthos, one of the Ionian islands in Greece.

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French Polynesia, Moorea Lagoon Resort, Bungalows over beautiful turquoise ocean.
Monica & Michael Sweet
Ora Beach

Live the hut life on Seram Island in Maluku, Indonesia.

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Kabira bay, Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki-jima, Japan
Kabira Bay

Found in Okinawa in the Yaeyama Islands, the pristine waters of this beach are mesmerizing.

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Isla Mujeres. Yucatan. Mexico. America
Playa Norte

Mexico has plenty of gorgeous beaches, but the ones on Isla Mujeres, like Playa Norte, are extra special.

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Scenic View Of Sea Against Clear Sky
Lagunatic Photo
Laguna Beach

As you drive down the California coast, stopping at Laguna is a must. The sunsets are unmatched and that cool, California wind in your hair is fabulous.

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Natural stone archs on Playa de Las Catedrales, Spain
As Catedrais Beach

Translated to "Cathedral beach," it's no wonder where this stunning Spanish beach gets its name.

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Petani beach, Kefalonia, Greece - View to the beach
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Petani Beach

This stunning white pebble beach is found in Kefalonia, Greece.

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Palm tree and pier on Pigeon Point Beach
Pigeon Point Beach

Even the palm trees in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are relaxed.

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India, Andaman Islands, Havelock, Indian tourist below umbrella on beach number 7
Anthony Asael/Art in All of Us
Radhanagar Beach

You can find this little piece of heaven on Havelock Island between India and Thailand.

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Seychelles, La Digue, View of Anse Source dArgent beach
Jon Arnold
Anse Source d'Argent Beach

Heaven on earth does exist, and you can find it in the Seychelles.

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Black sand Pacific beach in Monterrico
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Black Sand Beach

This stunning beach is located in Monterrico, Guatemala.

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Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu
Peter Unger
Champagne Beach

Sip a cocktail off the coast of Espiritu Santo island in Vanuatu.

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Lago de Tota
Kike Calvo
Playa Blanca

This gorgeous beach is actually on an alpine lake: Lago de Tota in Colombia.

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Platja Llarga beach, in Salou, Spain
Llarga Beach

You absolutely want to get to Salou in Spain during your lifetime.

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Brazilian summer
Ju Fumero
Copacabana Beach

You can't do a beach list and not mention Brazil's Copacabana. You just can't.

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Makena Cove Sunset
Rob DeCamp Photography
Secret Beach

One of Hawaii's hidden gems also goes by the name of Makena Cove and has iconic sunsets.

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tropical beach scene with boats,white beach, boracay island, philippines
Robert Armstrong
White Beach

Not a postcard, just one of the most gorgeous beaches on Boracay Island in the Philippines.

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View out to sea from Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay with a yacht sailing on the horizon
Eye Ubiquitous
Reduit Beach

Turquoise waters as far as the eye can see in St. Lucia.

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Spain, Basque Country, Guipuzcoa province (Guipuzkoa), San Sebastian (Donostia), European capital of culture 2016, La Concha Beach from Monte Igueldo and Santa Clara Island
Anna Serrano
La Concha Beach

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, this crescent-shaped beach will make you never want to leave the Spanish coast.

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The white sand beach of Curieuse Island
Sergio Canobbio
Curieuse Beach

Curieuse Island is located in the Seychelles, and those crystal blue waters are for real.

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7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
Seven Mile Beach

The Grand Caymans will inspire never leave the Caribbean.

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Florida, Sanibel Island, Lighthouse Beach Park Point Ybel
Jeff Greenberg
Sanibel Island

Florida gives good beach and Sanibel Island is no exception.

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Aerial view of Surfers and people at Bondi Beach Australia
Vicki Smith
Bondi Beach

Known as one of Australia's nicest beaches. Worth booking a trip to Sydney for.

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Sundown on the Beach with Umbrella
Dietmar Rauscher
Vichayito Beach

If you're looking for a remote beach with little development, look no further than Peru.

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Curacao, Cas Abao beach at sunset
Flavio Vallenari
Cas Abao

Turquoise water and a white sandy beach are guaranteed when you visit Curacao.

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Rocky Shores Near Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay
Photo by Scott Dunn
Horseshoe Bay

The pink coral sand alone is worth a trip to Bermuda.

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caribbean island Aruba
Diego Mariottini
Eagle Beach

Aruba has beaches that are guaranteed to keep a smile on your face.

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Us Virgin Island, St. Johns, Aerial View Of Trunk Bay
Wolfgang Kaehler
Trunk Bay

Your 50 shades of blue fantasies will all come true in St. John.

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Shoal Bay East, Anguilla
Ellen Rooney
Shoal Bay East

All you need is a rum cocktail on this white sandy beach in Anguilla.

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In the Vault
Nick Twyford Photography
Crystal Cove

This breathtaking beach is only accessible by foot or boat in the Hahei, Coromandel region of New Zealand.

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